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I perceive myself as a tight rope walker walking the line ‘in between,’ between abstract and representational vocabulary.  Throughout my artistic career I have been trying to balance abstract lines and color patterns in an effort to achieve equilibrium of abstract whole and representational parts.  I am predominantly interested in creating a figurative image from abstract elements.  My goal is the translation of reality into newly created sub reality and/or metaphorical image. I am interested in definition of the marginal point that filters objective reality through subjective interpretation, however, without  turning my paintings into completely subjective things.

 Any painting comes to life, when somebody looks at that work of art and perceives its emotional charge.  Than the painting evokes an emotional response and becomes a medium that creates an alliance between the artist, the painting, and the viewer.  Each painting preserves the artist’s spiritual energy and emotions. Mostly I am attracted to primary, basic human emotions–like love and joy, but not to destructive ones–like anger or hatred. In my paintings I strive for harmony, harmony even in dissonance.

Painting is a process of organizing chaos—the chaos of reality and the chaos of pigments on canvas.  I believe that art, together with religion and philosophy represents the Trinity which defines and creates the spiritual reality of life.

My motivation is based on the of succession of art tradition.  I do believe with all respect to all my predecessors that the mission of any contemporary artist is to follow their personal path toward new artistic discoveries.  Each artist belongs to his own time and he is limited by artistic, spiritual, and intellectual boundaries of this time.  He is not able to cross those boundaries over, but the mission of his successor is to broaden the art idiom of his time, and thus to uplift the perception of artist’s contemporaries.  By overcoming limitations of previous generations an artist expands the spiritual knowledge further, and enriches spiritual language of his epoch, and contemporary art language in the process.






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