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Sergei Blumin (Сергей Блюмин): artist, sculptor, musician, writer, poet; published in:  Book Art Press, New Art International, Volumes, 11 (2006 – 2007), 12 (2007 – 2008) and 15 (anniversary edition, 2011 – 2012); Russian, Austrian, Australian, Italian, German, American, Israel, Swiss, periodicals; Russian Jewry Abroad, Volumes 16 and 20 (book 4 and 5); eight one-person art shows; multiple international art exhibitions; creator of Adonis Publishing hand-made art books.

Sergei Blumin.Art is a virtual travelling art show which presents to the viewer Blumin’s paintings, sculptures, temperas, pastels, and other works created in different artistic media.  It is a visual addition to Sergei Blumin’s website:

In addition  the viewer and/or reader can find the collection of essays, articles, and other critique and literature materials about the artist, including his own writing and poetry in English and Russian on the following sites: and

To buy Sergei Blumin prints please go to:





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