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Sergei Blumin (Сергей Блюмин): artist, sculptor, musician, writer, poet; published in:  Book Art Press, New Art International, Volumes, 11 (2006 – 2007), 12 (2007 – 2008) and 15 (anniversary edition, 2011 – 2012); Russian, Austrian, Australian, Italian, German, American, Israel, Swiss, periodicals; Russian Jewry Abroad, Volumes 16 and 20 (book 4 and 5); eight one-person art shows; multiple international art exhibitions; creator of Adonis Publishing hand-made art books.

Sergei Blumin.Art is a virtual travelling art show which presents to the viewer Blumin’s paintings, sculptures, temperas, pastels, and other works created in different artistic media.  It is a visual addition to Sergei Blumin’s website:

In addition the viewer and/or reader can find collection of essays, articles and other critique and literature materials about the artist, including his own writing and poetry in English and Russian, on the following sites:

To buy Sergei Blumin prints please go to:





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